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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survey Report on Psychology

Survey Report on Psychology

This report presents the results of a survey on Psychology. The aim of the survey was to determine what the students think of the psychology. I found it so interesting to know if psychology was part of the life of the students and if it was something which helped them. Finally, I wanted to know what he knows about psychology.

My survey sample was composed of other students of English of my level in Cégep Édouard-Montpetit, more particularly students of my group. Data were gathered thanks to Internet, it was a questionnaire on my English blog. There wre 14 responses it. Half of the students studys in technology, nevertheless a good many are also studying in pre-university. Almost all of them come from America except one who comes from Africa. The questionnaire contained ten multiple-choice questions .

The reponses show that the answers of the participants show that 50 per cent of their friends consulted a psychologist, 16.7 per cent of their parents and 33.3 per cent of the
respondents know people who saw patients. Here is a picture which shows these results.
They point out therefore that the circle of the students, for the majority, has already consulted a psychologist.
There is also as result interesting question number 9, which asks if the psychologist's job would interest them and 66.7 per cent said yes and 33.3 per cent said no. However, in question number 8, 50 per cent of the respondents say that it is a good means to regulate problems because it is a spécilaiste, while 41.7 per cent of the respondents say yes because it is a public service. Only 8.3 per cent said no, because it is impersonal.

As says it the question number, 3, 58.3 % of the respondents have already followed a lesson of psychology. Then, these people have a small idea with what their meeting would deal and if they imagine there. Then they see in question number, 4 later, 75 % of the respondents would consult their relations, 41.7 % for their problems and 25 % for their job, while 16.7 % would not see patients, as showsit the following graph. They can therefore make the link the lessons of psychology guide.
As the most part of the respondents come from America, 58.3 % say that this service is approachable for everybody and that it is a good means. If more than half came from another continent, answers would not surely be the same, methods could differ.

To conclude this survey report, I noted that psychology is really present in the daily of the students. Nevertheless, there is really not a difference between the results of people in technology or in pre-university. What agreeably surprised me with the results, it is that many people would go consult if there had need and they find that it is a very good means to feel better. That means that people are aware of their problems and that to go to see patients something taboo is not any more. I am very happy with my results but next time, it would be interesting to ask for the age and sex of the resondents.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Survey about Psychology

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Thursday, February 23, 2006



The city of which I will speak to you is worth the sorrow to be known! I do not live there yet but I like to pass there from time and the latter is Montreal. This city is magic in any time of the
year. That it is the summer or the winter, there is always something to make. As for example the many festivals which are organized there like the festival of Jazz or the festival Juste pour rire. More over several communities live there what to create an atmosphere varied and played which opens to us on the external world. The restaurants and the bars have a whole an environment of festival. It is a city for all the ages and where everyone is liked. There then if you are likely to come to make a turn you are not disappointed!